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Sunday, June 22, 2014

a Egitto e a Donna Prima Presidenza Associazione Iad

Ansamed.IT (16.6.2014) - Egypt through Dalia Sadany get Presidency of the International Association of Designers IAD headquartered in Como, Italy ... read more

Egypt Chosen to Lead IAD

Dalia Sadany the new IAD President talks to tv reporters at the Cairo Manial Palace during Egypt's first design festival gala night ... see video

Development Starts with Designers

Dalia Sadany to videoyoum7 "designers lead development of nations" from the Manial Palace in Cairo on June 14th 2014 during Egypt's design gala night festival under the theme "Building the New Egypt" ... see video

IAD Presidency News Announcement

News announcement of Dalia Sadany being awarded presidency of the International Association of Designers IAD, headquartered in Como Italy on Sabah Dream show on Dream TV channel on June 15th 2014 ... see more

ONTV Phone-in on IAD

Phone-in interview with Dalia Sadany on her being awarded IAD Presidency on Set El Hosn show on ONTV, live on June 15th 2014 ... see video

Dalia Sadany interview with Ashraf Abdel Baki

Dalia Sadany talks about her 7 design awards and her views on design in solving Egypt's problems on Masr AlBet Alkaber show with Ashraf Abdel Baki on Al Hayat TV aired live on June 9th 2014 ... see part of show

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Images of Cairo Design Biennale 2014

PhotoYoum7 (15.6.2014) - Pictures of Cairo's first Biennale at the Golden Hall of the Cairo Manial Palace on June 14th 2014 ... see images    

Egypt Prepares Design Event

Masr11 (2.6.2014) - Dalia Sadany prepares first design event in Egypt under the theme "Building the New Egypt" at the Cairo Manial Palace on June 14th 2014 ... read more

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dalia with Ezz El Shabab on Site

Dalia Sadany on site talking about interior design to Ezz El Shabab program aired on Rotana Masrya TV on May 12th 2014 ... watch video

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